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Common Questions

We've included answers to the most common question regarding our Affiliate Program below. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who publishes advertisements of our site on their website, printed material, blogs or emails. The affiliate then gets paid a percentage of all sales that result from their advertising

How will know that a sale came from my ads and links?
Special software is used to monitor site traffic and where it came from. Each sale that occurs as a result of traffic from your published ads and links is recorded on your account so you are guaranteed the commission for those sales.

How can afford to pay such a high commission, surely there is a catch?

No, we will pay a genuine $4 commission on all airtime plans. We pay this huge commission because we do not pay affiliates for clicks or impressions. Many internet websites spend $1000s a year on pay per click advertising. We prefer to pay upfront commissions to reward those that drive converting traffic to our site and paying nothing for clicks and impressions. The money we don't spend on pay per click is paid to our affiliates instead.

Why won't you pay me simply for sending lots of traffic to your site?
We won't pay for clicks or 1000's of hits to our site from visitors that may, or may not convert to sales. This is because we only want to appeal to affiliates who will send us the right type of visitors.

How will I actually get paid?

We pay our affiliates using Paypal. Once your commission is above $25 it will be transferred into your PayPal account at the month end, if the balance is under $25 it will roll over to the next month.

Are your products popular? Can I really expect to make any money from advertising your site on my website?

Yes, our products are hugely popular and appeal to a very wide audience. Almost everyone has a cellphone with a plan that they go over each month. We want to free people from airtime restrictions. The demand is very high and there will be lots of potential to turn ads into clicks, clicks into sales, and those sales into cash for you.

Do I need a card payment system to sell your products?
No, buyers do all their browsing, payment and checkout on our site. As soon as they enter our site your job is done and assuming they make a purchase, you get paid.

I want to add a link to your site on my web page but I am not good with HTML and I'm struggling?

This is no problem, we will provide you with your code to paste into your existing code.

I am a professional web site designer and SEO guru, can I write a web site with the sole aim of generating links to your products to sell in high volume and make myself lots of commission?
Yes, you are welcome to create new sites and pages for the express purpose of selling our products as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of our affiliate agreement. If your work generates 1000's of sales then you can earn well from the commission because there is no cap of how much you can get paid.

Why do you have certain conditions to becoming an affiliate?
We need to ensure that those that are advertising our web site and products are doing so legally and ethically. It is vital for us as a company to ensure the good reputation of our brand and products. If affiliates are posting ads on illegal sites, porn sites, link farms or using spam email to generate leads then their account will be terminated.

My website has nothing to do with phones or airtime, what is the point in me becoming one of your affiliates?
Our products have a very wide appeal and is not expensive. Anyone that needs to talk on their cellphone with no restrictions would be interested in what we have to offer. If your site visitors are really not interested in visiting our site then you always have the option to remove the ads from your website at any time.

Am I tied into a time period for advertising your site?
No, signing up as an affiliate means you under no obligation to advertise and you can terminate at any time