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So far your service has saved me $$$ and it was so easy to get setup! Finally there is an answer to ever increasing cell phone bills!
Brad Stevenett

My cellphone was deactivated because I worked nights and wanted a phone with a plan that I could use during the day, but after I saw your plans for unlimited outgoing calls during the day, I reactivated my cellphone service the same day.
Otis Jeffers

I used to be an outside rep doing B2B sales, and I had to call customers and trainees causing my bills to go over $350. There was no plan with my current cellphone provider to accommodate me, but after getting your service my phone bills are now under $60. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Zarina Chopra
Marketing Coordinator

For what you offer, you should charge double the price and if you include the excellent client care, triple and it STILL wouldn't equal to what I was paying prior to getting your service. Your service is priced right, is reliable and unbelievably easy to use. Keep up the great work.
Raj Dee
Business Owner

The customer service is beyond belief, I never expected such a personal touch, especially since I didn't spend $1,000 with you guys. I only use the North American plan, but you make me feel like the most important client you have. You can be sure my friends are hearing all about
Bukola Okuribido
Financial Planner

Wow! What a great service and easy to use. Having a Travel company with 100's of team members around the world can increase your phone bills real quick. I am saving over $220 per month on my cell phone bill and saving lots of money on home long distance bill as well. I told my Dad and Brother about it and they like it. I am telling everybody I know about this wonderful service. I would like to thank the people at
Dr. Zahid Ali

Being a business owner and always on the go with my cellphone, my bills were outrageous. I use your service everyday and I love how clear it sounds. Thanks!
Alan Ricketts
Hard Worker

We THANK YOU for your continued business and support.

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